Logicly 1.0 Beta Update 3

We’re getting very close to the 1.0 desktop release of Logicly. The majority of the work I’ve been doing has been on the desktop app, but there have been a few overall changes here and there, so I thought I’d push out a new build.

In no particular order, here’s what you’ll find that’s different:

  • There is no longer a separate Simulate perspective. Design and simulation are now combined, with simulation controls on the bottom left where the perspective toggle buttons appeared previously.
  • Cut, copy, and paste have been added. They’re on the toolbar and they work with the standard keyboard shortcuts.
  • There’s new setting called “Limit Propagation to Frame Rate”. If you turn this off, the signal will propagate much faster through your circuit. If you have a very complex circuit, turning this off may be desirable to increase simulation speed. However, there’s a tradeoff. A particular wire may change state multiple times during the extended propagation period, and you won’t be able to see intermediate states. For example, in the case of the Ring Oscillator sample, the intended visual effect will be ruined if the frame rate limiting is turned off.
  • Wires now glow on mouse over and move to the top. This can be very helpful for following where each wire goes when many are overlapping.
  • You can now quickly switch between the selection and pan tools by holding the Ctrl (or Command on Mac) key before dragging. Also, the pan tool now uses a hand mouse cursor.
  • Flash Player 10.0 is the new minimum version. The previous build required 10.1, but I only needed to make a couple minor tweaks to support the older version. I figure it’s better if fewer people need to upgrade before trying Logicly.

Enjoy! As always, please report a bug if you find one. Be sure to follow @logicly on Twitter and like Logicly on Facebook to stay up to date and see cool stuff as I’m adding it.

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Epic… We get copy / paste!
Frame rate restriction removal, also epic.
And now we can have a “real” logic value default state other than the red unknown. *dances around in glee*

This is so cool!

request about the number of inputs’ capability of a logic gate. kindly re- check. I think this flash only supports two inputs. 🙁

Very nice work! The copy and paste is huge! One thing that would help would be to have the paste occur in the center of the visible area. I have difficulty when working on projects of about 100 gates and then copying/pasting sections that appear off screen. One bug I’ve noticed is that once in a while some of the flip-flops (D type usually) will go stupid after they’ve been used and had some wires disconnected and new ones connected. I find I have to delete that flip-flop and replace it with another.

Yeah… Paste needs to be in the visible area… I suggested that shortly after this update came out. But I’ve suggested so many things that they’ve all gotten lawn chairs so they can sit while they wait in line.

The flip-flop issues should be fixed. There were bugs where after disconnecting a wire, the flip-flop lost track of its state.

I was unaware that pasting wasn’t appearing in the middle of the visible area. That was my intention. However, it looks that I didn’t test it in combination with panning.

Hi !

I would like to use a desktop release of Logicly with my students on january 2011, do you think it will be possible ?

Thank you for your very nice similator !

Université du Maine
Le Mans, France.

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