Logicly 1.9: Export truth table as CSV file

Today, I’m happy to announce the official release of Logicly version 1.9. As you may recall, generating a truth tables was added in Logicly 1.8. Soon after truth tables introduced, a number of you requested the ability to export them to a CSV file. Starting in Logicly 1.9, you’ll find a big Export CSV button right where you need it.

Truth Table with Export CSV button.

When you update to Logicly 1.9, you’ll also receive a number of important bug fixes.

Download Logicly 1.9

Please point your browser to the Logicly download page, or go to the Help menu in Logicly and choose Check for Updates. If you’ve been playing with the free trial, and you like what you see, maybe now is the perfect time to buy Logicly.