Download the Logicly 1.3.2 Update

Hot on the heels of Logicly 1.3.1 is the new 1.3.2 release, ready for download immediately. I’ll make this quick since not too much has changed, but it combines both an important bugfix and a very useful, brand new feature.

First of all, a helpful user discovered that the new ability to add points to wires doesn’t properly initialize when opening a saved document or copying between documents. The points would all end up on the top left of the document, which isn’t very useful. This issue is now fixed.

Secondly, you now have the ability to view the internals of a custom integrated circuit. Simply right-click on the custom circuit in the object picker on the left of the main window, and choose View Integrated Circuit… from the context menu or double-click a circuit on the editing surface. This will bring up a new view that lets you see what’s going on behind the scenes. If your integrated circuit contains other integrated circuits, you can continue to double-click to drill-down further.

Download the new update, and enjoy!