Logicly 1.2 improves performance

Update your install of Logicly to version 1.2 to take advantage of some performance improvements. The projects you all are sharing with me are getting bigger and bigger, and I’m happy to say that the bar just got pushed a little further. Keep creating those impressive circuits, everyone. In addition to performance improvements, a couple other nice additions and some bug fixes made it into this release:

  • Improved the editing surface rendering performance. That means more gates, so make those projects bigger!
  • If a file is very large and takes a second or more to open, a progress bar will be displayed.
  • You can now drag a .logicly file into the main window, and it will replace the current document.
  • Fixed an issue where an AND gate (and anything else using the and logic function) would sometimes fail to provide a correct false value if the number of input gates was greater than two and the and of the first two inputs evaluated to undefined.
  • Fixed the centering of pasted objects when the editing surface is zoomed and panned.

Your installation of Logicly should ask to update automatically from time to time, and you will receive 1.2 in the next cycle. If you don’t want to wait, just open to the Help menu and select Check for Updates… to manually download and install the new version.

If you don’t already have a Logicly license, please offer your support and purchase Logicly, staring at $29 for one user. If you’re an instructor or teacher, be sure to consider a Volume Pack for your computer lab. Volume Packs support multiple users at a discounted price.

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There was an error downloading the update. Error# 16824

Okay, it works now. There will be two updates. First, you’ll get version 1.1.99. This will immediately ask you to update to 1.2. Adobe changed their automatic update system in AIR without including backwards compatibility, and I have no choice but to add in that extra step to make it work.

Alternatively, you can always download the latest version manually.

Hi, really nice piece of software for learning purpose. I don’t have a license yet so I can’t ask for support, so I’ll just let you know that when I’m using Logicly for a long time frame, my computer freezes. :/

Maybe there’s a memory leak somewhere…?


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