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Photo of Shahe Deirmendjian, Student

I'm a student in a nano electronics department, taking a course this semester in digital electronics. Logicly has proven invaluable. Thank you for providing such a great, user friendly software.

Shahe Deirmendjian, Student
Photo of Ryan Gonzalez, Student

Learning about logic gates in my computer organization class, and Logicly has been neat. Love software like this: focused & well-made.

Ryan Gonzalez, Student
Photo of Andrew M.C. Dawes, Pacific University

It is so nice to let students tinker in a simulation and then reproduce their work with a live circuit. It really helps them build confidence since they aren't worried about electronic "gremlins" or other gotchas.

Andrew M.C. Dawes, Pacific University
Photo of Adam Rosenberg, Alcorn McBride, Inc.

I'm so glad I found your software! I have been wanting to teach young kids about boolean logic and this is the perfect tool to help me do so. I bought a license immediately. My first presentation will be to a class of 6 year olds in 2 weeks. Thanks!

Adam Rosenberg, Alcorn McBride, Inc.

I just wanted to thank you for creating the Logicly gate simulation. I am an IT teacher using it with my sixth grade students. It is an incredible resource.

Michael Gamson, Hillel School of Tampa

My students enjoyed learning logic with your software. Thank you for creating it. We were able to take Boolean algebra and Karnaugh maps to a new level this semester.

Lynda Rassbach, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Logicly has the best user interface I've seen. It speeds up the whole problem solving process.

Niall McGinness, Student

I'd just like to thank you for making Logicly. I found it very useful when I was trying to design circuits for my engineering course at University.

Andrew Sum, Student

We started logic gates in electronics, and this software makes it really easy to have a play in my room without needing chips. So easy I just picked it up and starting making stuff. I would recommend it to anybody wanting to play with logic gates.

Dan Collins, Student

The Balsamiq of circuits. Well done. Looks great!

Peldi Guilizzoni, founder and CEO of Balsamiq

This is really beautifully made. I'd have been happy to have this when I was teaching this kind of theory to young programmers.

edanm, Hacker News user

This. Is. Awesome. I wish this was around when I was learning because I really wanted to play with making more complicated setups than we did in class.

jazzychad, Hacker News user

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