Logicly Sales FAQ

Frequently asked questions about purchasing Logicly for schools, universities, and businesses.

Where can I buy the Logicly software?

All purchases must be submitted through the Buy Logicly page on the website.

Is the pricing a one-time fee or a subscription?

It's a one-time fee. Minor updates are included for free. Future major updates may require special upgrade pricing.

Which types are payment are accepted?

How do I submit payment for a purchase order?

If submitting your order, an invoice and final payment instructions will emailed to you by FastSpring.

Who will be the vendor of record?

If required, the vendor of record is FastSpring. Download FastSpring's W9.

How can I purchase as a tax exempt organization?

If your organization is tax exempt, please visit the FastSpring customer support site for details about how to update your order.

Can I purchase a license for a different number of users?

Most likely. Please send an email to sales@logic.ly for details.