Running the Simulation

Logicly automatically starts simulating when you create or open a document. The signal will instantly propagate among the connected components, and if your circuit contains one or more Clocks, they will start oscillatating.

The bottom-right tool bar offers simple controls to change the simulation's state.

Screenshot of the simulation controls.

  1. The Reset Simulation button pauses the simulation, if it is running. Then, every object returns into its initial state. Press the Play/Pause button to restart the simulation after a reset.

  2. The Play/Pause toggle button will pause the simulation, if it is running. Otherwise, it will start the simulation. When the simulation is running, simulation time generally advances at a rate near real time, but it may slow a bit to display propagation or to avoid locking up the application. For more information, see the Limit Propagation to Framerate setting.

  3. The Advance Simulation One Step button will advance the simulation in one of two ways:

    • Unpropagated signals will propagate.

    • If no signals need to propagate, the simulation will advance based on the minimum simulation time that must pass before the next clock changes state.

    This button is only enabled if the simulation is paused.

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